What Is Domestic Abuse

Some examples:
  • Physical:
    • Hitting
    • Kicking
    • Pushing
    • Driving a car in a dangerous way
  • Sexual:
    • Rape
    • Calling someone hurtful names like 'slag'
    • Taking photos of intimate moments without consent
  • Financial:
    • Not giving a person their money
    • Stopping a person from getting a job
    • Stealing
  • Emotional (how a person feels):
    • Telling a person they are always wrong
    • Calling a person names
    • Keeping a person away from family and friends
  • Psychological (how a person thinks):
    • Making a person feel scared
    • Making threats to do something 
Some of the signs of domestic abuse
  • The person behaves differently when their partner is there.
  • They seem nervous when with their partner.
  • They are not their usual self. They are not as confident as usual or they seem scared.
  • Their partner texts or calls them all the time when they are out with you.
  • They have started to cancel plans at the last minute, or they make excuses not to spend time with you.
  • They are always saying sorry for what their partner does.
  • You have noticed bruises or other injuries. You think they are not telling the truth about how they got them.
  • Your friend has changed how they look. Perhaps they dress differently or have stopped putting on make-up.
  • They may be using Facebook less than before.
  • They may have been taking more time off sick from work than usual.