Sexual Assault Risk Assessment Conference (SARAC)

If you are working with a sexual violence survivor who fulfils the following criteria, you are encouraged to complete and submit the attached referral form so the core SARAC panel can consider the request:

 1.       An identified need for intensive support.

2.       A rationale regarding how and why this could be achieved in a multiagency context.

3.       A significant risk of repeat victimisation / repeat offending regarding the individual 

4.       Confirmation that they are not already being supported via another existing forum (MARAC / MAPPA / Op Farmington or any other multiagency process including mental health or wellbeing support).


It is important to note that SARAC is not the correct forum to discuss cases where an individual reports on multiple occasions to the Police and there are genuine concerns about the validity of the allegation. In these types of cases, professionals meetings should be held with key professionals to create a multi-agency safeguarding plan.

We encourage professionals to discuss with survivors the SARAC process and seek consent for information-sharing using the attached form.  This must include the survivor being given the opportunity to consult on attendance both in terms of who should and shouldn’t be present and bespoke consent associated with each attending agency. Consent can be overridden if safeguarding and risk are deemed to be high. 

The SARAC meeting will help you by considering all the key risks to the survivor, hear current information held by attending partners and through discussion will agree a safety plan aimed at managing harm and threats.  The chair will allocate actions and determine whether a review SARAC meeting is required or not.  All agencies will be accountable for developing the plan and ensuring actions are completed. 

Below is a flowchart explaining the process alongside details of how and where to submit your referral.

 If you have any questions around the SARAC process (but not individual cases), please contact Amerjit Singh Amerjit.Singh@cambs.pnn.police.uk