Children and Young People

Supporting children living with domestic abuse - this guidance was commissioned from AVA and is for all practitioners working in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  The guidance can be downloaded below.
Embrace (Child Victims of Crime) offer CBT and therapeutic counselling for young people who have been victims of, or witnessed domestic abuse or sexual violence and those who may be showing low-level potentially harmful behaviours as a result of what they have been exposed to. It can be delivered at locations across the county through a framework of checked and accredited therapists.  The young person must be aged 13-19 (or up to 24 with special needs) and safe from the offender and willing to engage.
Referrals are only accepted from professionals, you can refer at the website www.embracecvoc.org.uk.
Kids Out are a registered charity.  In Cambridgeshire they offer two services to children who have been victims or witnesses of domestic abuse:
  • Toy Box Service - delivery of a box of fun and educational toys to children who have escaped domestic violence.
  • Fun Days - Days out for disadvantaged children throughout the year, particularly for children who have experienced domestic violence.
Referrals are only accepted from professionals and can be made via Sandra.Doherty@kidsout.org.uk 
Coercive Control in Children's and Mother's Lives
Dr Emma Katz delivered a great webinar for us on 27th June 2023 - you can watch the recording below
Female Genital Mutilation - Please visit the website of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Boards for the most up to date guidance around FGM
Information on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is available on the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Board website at http://www.safeguardingpeterborough.org.uk/children-board/professionals/child-sexual-exploitation/
Young people experiencing abuse in their own intimate relationships
The Young People's IDVAs work with:
  • young people aged 13 - 19
  • young people up to age 24 with a diagnosed mental health issue, learning or physical disability 
  • ex looked after children up to age 24
who are victims of abuse in their own intimate relationships.  The YP IDVA leaflet can be downloaded on the opposite page.
The Young People's DASH Referral Form and Risk Indicator Checklist is available below.
The Children and Young Person's ISVA works with children aged 0-19 (and their families) who are victims of sexual abuse or sexual violence.  Referral can be made via admin@prccg.org.uk
Referral forms can be downloaded at https://www.caprcp.org.uk/
Safe Lives have a resource pack for working with young people around Healthy Relationships.  The information focuses on how to start conversations around healthy intimate or sexual relationships with young people aged 13-21 and includes activities and facilitator notes. The DASV Partnership recommend the resources to any groups working with young people including schools.  What does healthy look like? | Safelives
The PSHE Association have produced discussion guides to support teachers - these can be accessed at the PSHE Association website
The Think U Know website has a section on Healthy Relationships and information around abuse in relationships Relationships (thinkuknow.co.uk)