Mental Health

The information leaflet below is for professionals working within health, with patients that may be experiencing new or ongoing mental health episodes and may lack mental capacity to meaningfully engage to encourage professional curiosity regarding any domestic abuse response.

Suicide and Domestic Abuse
Every day in the UK, around 30 women attempt suicide due to domestic abuse and it is estimated that 23% of domestic abuse survivors attempt suicide.
The briefing below was compiled with support from Stop Suicide and is aimed at mental health professionals
Lasting Power of Attorney and Domestic Abuse
The guidance below explains how a Lasting Power of Attorney can be used to perpetrate domestic abuse and how to report concerns

Guidance for mental health professionals, published in 2015, resulted in four briefings to provide guidance for mental health commissioners, trust managers, service providers and front-line professionals on how services can be improved, based on survivors' experiences. A further briefing demonstrates the links between experience of violence and abuse and mental health problems.

You can download all the briefings on the right of this page.