The DASV Partnership

The Partnership is made up of key agencies in the county that have a role in preventing, and providing services and support to survivors of, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

These key partners form the Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategic Board.  The  Board is responsible for producing and updating the Strategy and Action Plan for domestic abuse services in Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire County Council host the posts of Partnership Manager and Partnership Support Officer as well as the Independent Domestic Violence Advisory service (IDVAS).

The key aim of the Partnership is to “reduce the harm, risks and costs associated with domestic abuse and sexual violence and to prevent these crimes occurring across Cambridgeshire.”

The Partnership is responsible for:
  • Commissioning refuge places, safe accommodation and mobile advocacy outreach support
  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisory Service (IDVAs)
  • Awareness raising
  • Training for professionals
Older People's Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment
We developed a DASH Risk Indicator Checklist for victims/survivors aged 60+ - you can download the evaluation report which includes the DASH form below.
We are happy for other areas and services to use it, but please can you credit us if you do? 
We'd also love to hear how it goes if any other areas use it.