Domestic Homicide

Domestic Homicide is when someone is murdered by an intimate partner, or ex-partner, or a family member.
On average, two women are murdered each week by their current or ex-partner.
When a domestic homicide has happened, the Community Safety Partnership in that area is asked by the Home Office to carry out a Domestic Homicide Review.  A Domestic Homicide Review looks into the circumstances around the murder and tries to determine if it could have been prevented or if things could have been done differently to protect the victim. The agencies involved in the review could include police, social care, health, mental health, specialist support organisations.
The process of a Domestic Homicide Review can be hugely traumatic for the friends and family of the victim.  They may be asked to provide evidence or information about the victim and may also find out things about what happened that are extremely distressing.
For information about the process, please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/domestic-homicide-review
Support for friends and family
AAFDA (Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse) provide support to families that are involved in a Domestic Homicide Review to help them through the process and provide advice and information.  They also offer support to families around inquests and mental health reviews. http://aafda.org.uk/