Tech Abuse

Are you experiencing Tech Abuse?
  • Does your partner/abuser constantly call, text and message you online?
  • Does your partner/abuser publish posts about you online which encourage others to harass and abuse you?
  • Does your partner/abuser constantly call, message and send “friend requests” to your family and friends?
  • Does your partner/abuser harass you, your employer and your clients through business social media pages and work email addresses?
  • Has your partner/abuser threatened to share any information about you online such as confidential information, for example screenshots of messages, photos of you, or information that could cause you embarrassment?
  • Has your partner/abuser threatened to share or shared intimate images of you?
  • Does your partner/abuser seem to know about conversations that you have had without being present?
  • Does your partner/abuser give the children the latest tech gadgets during child contact? Does he play Xbox and PlayStation games with them online outside of his agreed contact time?
  • Does your partner/abuser have access to your banking and social media accounts, and assure you that it’s normal to have access to your partner’s information?
  • Does your partner/abuser know your whereabouts or turn up unexpectedly wherever you go?
  • Does your partner/abuser stalk and harass you via fake social media profiles?
  • Has your partner/abuser installed any apps such as ‘find my iPhone’ onto your device? Did he assure you that it is for your safety in case you lose your phone
The Refuge Tech Abuse website offers safety advice as well as information and support.  You can visit the site at Information and support on tech abuse | Refuge Tech Safety