Faith and Religous Groups

Restored Relationships is a national charity working in Christian faith settings to end domestic abuse and violence against women.  They have a range of resources available to download from their website https://www.restoredrelationships.org/
We have worked with Imam Mohammed Rashid with support from It's My Right-No Forced Marriages to develop the Domestic Abuse Guide for Mosques and Muslim Communities.  The document can be downloaded below.  If you would like a hard copy of the booklet, please get in touch.
Bristol University and partners have produced a briefing for faith communities and for practitioners working with victim-survivors of coercive control.
The purpose of this work is not to single out religious practice in general, or one faith in particular, as coercive. Rather, this research explores how faith can be used as a tool of coercion by some individuals, including intimate partners, family members, religious leaders, and by communities, to threaten, manipulate, silence and dominate victims, as well to suppress or punish those who seek to help them.