Make a Referral

Referral to the IDVA Service and/or MARAC
IDVAs only take referrals from Professionals

Referrals can be made for ANY LEVEL OF RISK, with CONSENT for the following:

  • Referrals from Health Professionals - SEE COLUMN OPPOSITE
  • Referrals from Housing Professionals - SEE COLUMN OPPOSITE
  • Referrals for young people - SEE COLUMN OPPOSITE
  • Referrals for eastern European people - SEE COLUMN OPPOSITE
  • Referrals for people from minority ethnic communities - USE FORMS BELOW 

For anyone else, referrals can be made with CONSENT for those who score 14-16 on the DASH Risk Assessment

 For those who score 17+ on the DASH, referrals can be made without consent (although consent is preferred), and the case will go to MARAC

 For individuals over 60 years of age, the Older Peoples DASH may give a more accurate assessment of risk


Professionaljudgement should always be used by the person completing the DASH – if the score is low but you feel the risk is high, please refer to the IDVA Service.

If you are unsure about how to complete a DASH please visit Completing a DASH Risk Indicator Checklist | Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Partnership Board (safeguardingcambspeterborough.org.uk) 

MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) meetings are held 3 times a week via Teams and involve a range of professionals to look at how to decrease the risk to the victim.  If you are referring a case you need to be prepared to attend the MARAC meeting to present your case - see MARAC Fact Sheet below for more information.
Health IDVA - The Health IDVA Team accept referrals at all risk levels where there is current domestic abuse or separation in the last 3 months following a relationship where the victim was subjected to abuse. Referrals are accepted from any Health agency (including hospitals, GPs, CPFT and community Health services) across Cambridgeshire only.  From 1st April 2024, Health IDVAs will only be accepting referrals for clients living in Cambridgeshire (not Peterborough) due to reduced funding.
Please use the Health IDVA referral form below to make a referral.  Details of victim and perpetrator must be completed on the form.  If you don't have all the details please contact the Health IDVA before making the referral.
Professionals only can contact the Health IDVA on: Mobile 07713 919229 or email idvacambs@nhs.net

Housing IDVAs offer direct trauma informed IDVA support to survivors at any level of risk referred by housing teams and providers. They offer support to:

  • Survivors who attend a housing advice service and are facing homelessness due to domestic abuse.
  • Survivors disclosing domestic abuse who are living in social housing.  
  • They will also offer support to survivors in local authority temporary accommodation who are homeless due to due to domestic abuse.

They offer advice on safety planning and risk management and can offer advocacy and liaison with agencies working with the survivor, support with housing, the court process, police as well as referrals to other support for survivors of DA.

Eastern European (A8) IDVA - The A8 IDVAs work with victims from Eastern European A8 countries and speak a variety of languages.  The A8 IDVAs accept referrals at all risk levels but those scoring under 17 must have victim consent to refer.
To refer to the A8 IDVA, please complete the form below and return it to idva.referrals@cambridgeshire.gov.uk 
Young People's IDVA - To make a referral to the Young People's IDVA, please complete the YP IDVA Referral and Risk Indicator Checklist below.  The form can be completed electronically and emailed to the IDVA team (email address on form).  
Male Victims
B-United is a  new project from Peterborough Women’s Aid offers short term & long-term support to men, whether they have children or not, in all areas of Cambridgeshire - including Peterborough, Huntingdon and Fenland.

The worker will be able to provide support via telephone, email, text/WhatsApp or virtually through Microsoft Teams/ Zoom. They can offer emotional support, practical support, support with court & other meetings and access to a specialist domestic abuse counsellor.

The project also offers support and guidance to professionals who want to learn more about domestic abuse and how it affects male victims.

You can contact 01733 894964 or email referrals@wa-support.co.uk

Domestic Abuse Support Service - Outreach
Outreach services are delivered across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough by Impakt Domestic Abuse Support Service (DASS) . DASS offers advice and information, support groups and counselling and is available to victims of any gender identity and any sexuality. 
DASS accept self-referrals or enquiries from professionals: 
0300 373 1073 or email DASSreferrals@impakt.org.uk
If you are a professional referring a client to DASS, please complete the form below and email to DASSreferrals@impakt.org.uk
Are you a professional needing advice about domestic abuse in relation to a client or patient?
You can email the Duty IDVA idva.referrals@cambridgeshire.gov.uk and someone will email you back or call 01480 847718  These details are for professionals only