Female Genital Mutilation involves the removal of some or all of the female genitalia.  It is sometimes called genital cutting or female circumcision

Religious, social or cultural reasons are sometimes given for FGM. However, FGM is child abuse. It's dangerous and a criminal offence.

There are no medical reasons to carry out FGM. It doesn't enhance fertility and it doesn't make childbirth safer. It is used to control female sexuality and can cause severe and long-lasting damage to physical and emotional health.

From 31 October 2015 teachers, nurses, social workers and doctors must report FGM or suspected FGM where it involves a child under 18.

You can read more about FGM on the Health for Teens website
Health For Teens
Get help
The NSPCC have a 24hour helpline for FGM: 0800 028 3550
Forward are the leading UK organisation - click on the picture below to visit their website
Plan UK's Because I am a Girl campaign has information about a range of issues, including FGM.  Click on the picture below to visit their website
Building Bridges have created an Easy Read guide to FGM.  Building Bridges are an independent social enterprise which makes a difference to people’s lives through delivering training, research, easy read and creating resources.  You can view the guide below, to order a copy of the PDF please visit Female Genital Mutilation (building-bridges-training.org)