Pets can be victims of domestic abuse too.
Abusers may use the pet as a means of controlling the victim or they may harm or even kill the pet.  Hurting a pet can be used to show the victim what will happen to them if they try to seek help or leave.
Many victims of domestic abuse stay with the abuser because they are too scared to leave their pet at home.
Research by Dog's Trust found that:
  • Almost nine in 10 professionals working in the domestic abuse sector have seen cases where a pet has also been abused.
  • Almost half (49%) of professionals working in the sector are aware of domestic abuse cases here the pet has been killed.
  • In addition to the physical abuse that pets may suffer, 97% of professionals said they are also often used as a means of controlling someone experiencing domestic abuse.
  • More than nine in 10 professionals (95%) also said that some survivors will not leave their home without knowing their pet would be safe


For more information visit Dog's Trust website

Cats Protection Paws Project offers a fostering service for cats.  For more information visit the Paws Project website

Unfortunately there are currently no pet fostering services in Cambridgeshire but both Dog's Trust and Paws Project operate in neighbouring counties and are happy to offer advice.  Dog's Trust are hoping to extend services to Cambridgeshire in future, subject to funding.