Older People

Older people experience domestic abuse at similar rates to younger people but evidence shows they are less likely to report the abuse or seek support.  In addition, older people are just as likely to be abused by a family member as by an intimate partner.  
Older people's experiences of domestic abuse have some unique features compared to younger victims/survivors such as increased risk due to health or disability issues and potential abuse from family members providing care.  This can mean that using the standard DASH Risk Assessment Checklist results in a lower risk score for older victims/survivors so professional judgement becomes paramount, however PJ can vary depending on the knowledge of the practitioner.
To try to address these issues, we are piloting an Older People's DASH for a 6 month period from 1st August 2021 across Health and Social Care (although practitioners and volunteers from any organisation working with older people are encouraged to use it as well).  The OP DASH is for use with victims/survivors of domestic abuse aged over 60.
You can access the OP DASH below.  We have also developed some guidance for any professional working with older people and domestic abuse - this is available below right but is still in draft form at present.