Referral Forms

To make a referral to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough IDVA Team, please download and complete the appropriate MARAC Referral Form below which includes the DASH Risk Assessment Checklist.  The forms can be completed electronically and emailed to the IDVA team when complete (see email address on form).  NB: Referrals are only accepted from professionals
MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) meetings are held 3 times a week and involve a range of professionals to look at how to decrease the risk to the victim.  If you are referring a case you need to be prepared to attend the MARAC meeting to present your case (Skype is available).

DASH forms scoring 14 or over should be sent to the IDVA Service

Those scoring 17 or over will automatically go forward to MARAC, client consent is preferred for these but not essential

Those scoring 14-16 must have client consent to send to the IDVA Service


Professional judgement should always be used by the person completing the DASH – if the score is low but you feel the risk is high, please refer to the IDVA Service.

NB: The specialist IDVA posts take referrals at any DASH score – Young People’s IDVA, Hospital Health IDVA, A8 IDVA

Hospital Health IDVA - The Hospital Health IDVA takes MARAC and non-MARAC referrals from hospital based services only, including mid-wifery ,but not generic community based health services.  Referrals from other health services should go via the generic MARAC Referral process above.  Non-MARAC referrals (scoring below 17) must have client consent before referral to IDVAS.
To make a referral to the Young People's IDVA, please complete the YP IDVA Referral and Risk Indicator Checklist below.  The form can be completed electronically and emailed to the IDVA team (email address on form).  NB the Young People's IDVA accepts referrals from professionals only.
A8 IDVA - The A8 IDVA works with victims from Eastern European A8 countries and speaks a variety of languages.  The A8 IDVA accepts referrals at all risk levels but those scoring under 17 must have victim consent to refer.
To refer to the A8 IDVA, please complete the form below and return it to
The Severity of Abuse Grid can help practitioners identify specific elements of abuse - it should be used alongside the DASH Risk Assessment (above).
If there are children in the relationship, the Barnardo's DV Risk Indicator Matrix should also be used.
Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA)
To make a referral to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Rape Crisis Partnership (for ISVA support) please download a referral form from the website