Recovering Together

Do you know a child who has been affected by domestic abuse? 


Recovering Together – A Group Programme for Children and their Mothers.

The 12 week programme is an integrated community group programme for children and their mothers who have experienced domestic abuse.

Children’s groups help children begin the healing process by:

  • Allowing children to share their experiences with other children

  • Exploring ways of expressing their feelings safely

  • Looking at coping strategies for the future

Mothers’ groups support women in understanding how to help their children recover by:

  • Giving mothers an opportunity to meet other women who have had similar experiences and share their feelings

  • Exploring the impact their experiences have had on their children

  • Finding ways to heal from the past and look to the future thereby strengthening the bond between mother and child.

 Who is suitable for the programme?

  • Children and mothers who have previously experienced domestic abuse (1 child per mother)

  • Families who have expressed an interest in the programme, rather than being coerced into attending

  • Separation must have occurred and the perpetrator must not be living in the family home

  • Safety is paramount and an assessment of CURRENT risk must be made prior to group entry (using the DASH Risk Indicator Checklist)

  • It is desirable for mothers to attend but not compulsory (this will be considered on a case by case basis)

  • Families are safe, secure and settled and are not coping with other adversities such as insecure housing or family crisis

  • The child is assessed as appropriate and not in need of other therapeutic interventions

  • No current known risks posed by the perpetrator

Other considerations that mean that a woman may not be best suited to attending the programme:

  • Significant emotional stress

  • On-going abuse

  • Engaged in other interventions or psychological therapies

  • Non-stabilised drug or alcohol dependency

  • Mental health problems such as personality disorders

  • Women with learning disabilities may need additional support

  • English as a second language

How to make a referral

Email to discuss whether the family meet the criteria for the programme

Discuss the programme with the family and gain their consent to refer

Assess current risk by completing a DASH Risk Indicator Checklist

Liaise with school to gain agreement for child to attend

Ensure any other practical arrangements such as childcare for younger children, transport, etc have been considered and can be put in place. This must be arranged and/or funded by the person making the referral.

Complete the referral form below and return with the completed DASH to


From Friday 4th October 2019, then every Thursday until 9th January 2020 (excluding 26th December and 2nd January),

9.30-12.30pm at Larkfield Community Centre, Ely.  

Children aged 10-13 only for this programme.