March 2021 - Women's safety

18th March 2021

Due to events in the media, we, and partners, have had a number of requests for helpful information or resources from schools, colleges, businesses etc that are very keen to know what they can do about tacking the high levels of VAWG in society.   

Below is a list of resources that we are aware of:

the White Ribbon Campaign encourages men to speak out against male violence 

How to take a whole school approach to tackle sexism.

Women’s Aid (England) offers the Expect Respect Healthy Relationships Toolkit along with national training to build a network of Expect Respect Advocates  This is a very useful programme for anyone who works with children and young people who is passionate about helping others to understand the causes of gender inequality.

Women’s Aid (England) has a free one-hour webinar to equip you as a member of your community with an understanding of domestic abuse and how to respond

Cambridge Women’s Aid offers a free online 15 hour programme spread over 6 weeks for community members who want to learn more about domestic abuse and what they can do about it.

Ihollaback offers bystander intervention training

The Good Lad Initiative goes into schools and college to talk about masculinity.  They have evolved into

Large number of resources for engaging men in preventing violence

Rape Crisis Scotland have produced some really effective resources and awareness raising materials about sexual violence and abuse:

Rape Crisis England and Wales also has a lot of really good information, including this page on myths and facts about sexual violence and abuse:

The End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW) produced a report back in 2011 that is still relevant today: ‘A Different World is Possible: Promising practices to prevent violence against women and girls’