For Baby's Sake

For Baby’s Sake is a programme for expectant parents, whether together as a couple or not, who want to bring an end to domestic abuse and create the best possible start in life for their baby.  

For Baby’s Sake is a programme that works in an integrated way with the expectant mother and father as co-parents, from pregnancy until their baby is two.

The strengths-based programme uses a unique, three-way approach, delivered by practitioners working closely together to manage risks within each family member’s journey. It is non-stigmatising and includes support to overcome shame.

For Baby’s Sake helps both parents to make lasting changes in their behaviours and overcome the impact of trauma and painful experiences in their own childhood. It also equips both parents to support the mental health and emotional development of their baby.

The programme aims to break the cycle of domestic abuse and create the conditions for resilience, in order to give babies the best start in life, by providing the stability, support and nurturing conditions to allow the baby to flourish.

For Baby’s Sake was created by the Stefanou Foundation and now, through a unique collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council, we’re building on our investment and experience so far and matching our resources to bring the programme to the county.  

The For Baby’s Sake team brings together a range of backgrounds and experience and will open for referrals in August 2019, initially covering Cambridge City, South and East Cambridgeshire.


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Or contact the project in Cambridge City, South and East Cambridgeshire: 01223 715622