For Baby's Sake

For Baby’s Sake in Cambridgeshire: No longer Accepting Referrals
The County Council has been reviewing the role of the For Baby’s Sake programme in Cambridgeshire over recent weeks and has now reached the difficult decision to bring the programme to an end by the end of the current financial year. This decision has been taken n the context of developing a new model of early help provision across the County.  The detailed learning from For Baby’s Sake will be applied within the county-wide early help model. The For Baby’s Sake Trust accepts the Council’s decision and is committed to working with the Council to help embed the transferrable lessons from For Baby’s Sake. In that way, a larger group of families will continue to benefit from early help teams adopting some of the For Baby’s Sake ways of working. The Council is grateful to The For Baby’s Sake Trust for their generous philanthropy in having provided access to their pioneering programme and co-funded the establishment and operation of our For Baby’s Sake team. 
A key priority now is to ensure the smooth transition for those families currently accessing the service into other support services. For those families who are nearing the end of their programme, if you would want to arrange alternative support for a family you might previously have referred to the Cambridgeshire For Baby’s Sake programme, please consider requesting targeted Early Help services in the usual way. Lisa Riddle, one of our Heads of Service for Early Help, can also be contacted for advice about particular families or available support more generally. Lisa can be contacted on: