Referral Forms

Referral to the IDVA Service and/or MARAC
Referrals are accepted from professionals only.  If you have a question about a referral, you can call the Duty IDVA on 01480 847718 (professionals only)
To make a referral to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough IDVA Team, please download and complete the referral form and DASH Risk Assessment Checklist below.   If you are referring to one of the specialist IDVA posts - Health IDVA, Young People's IDVA, A8 IDVA, Male Victims IDVA,  Housing IDVAs or Child to Parent Abuse IDVA - please use the forms lower down the page.
If the victim is over 60 please use the Older People's DASH. 


All DASH forms scoring 14-16 should be sent to the IDVA Service Idva.Referrals@cambridgeshire.gov.uk, but must have consent from the client

Those scoring 17 or over will automatically go forward to MARAC, client consent is preferred for these but not essential

Professional judgement should always be used by the person completing the DASH – if the score is low but you feel the risk is high, please refer to the IDVA Service.

If you are unsure about how to complete a DASH please visit Completing a DASH Risk Indicator Checklist | Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Partnership Board (safeguardingcambspeterborough.org.uk) 

MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) meetings are held 3 times a week via Teams and involve a range of professionals to look at how to decrease the risk to the victim.  If you are referring a case you need to be prepared to attend the MARAC meeting to present your case - see MARAC Fact Sheet below for more information.
The following specialist IDVA posts take referrals at any DASH score – Young People’s IDVA, Health IDVA, A8 IDVA, Male Victims IDVA, Housing IDVA.  
Male Victims IDVA  works with men aged 19 and over who are experiencing domestic abuse those under 19 will be picked up by the Young People's IDVAs.  Please see leaflet below for more information.  The Male Victims IDVA works with survivors at all risk levels - to refer to the Male Victims IDVA please complete the form below.
Health IDVA - The Health IDVA Team accept referrals at all risk levels from any Health agency (including hospitals, GPs, CPFT and community Health services).  Referrals from health professionals in Huntingdonshire or Fenland will be forwarded to Refuge as this service is currently provided there
Please use the Health IDVA referral form below to make a referral.
Professionals only can contact the Health IDVA on: Mobile 07713 919229 or email idvacambs@nhs.net


Housing IDVAs offer a direct service to victims/survivors who attend a housing service. They are able to  offer advice on safety planning and risk management. They may also offer support to clients who are seeking housing assistance due to suffering Domestic Abuse. They will also offer support to those in temporary local authority accommodation due to domestic abuse.
Eastern European (A8) IDVA - The A8 IDVAs work with victims from Eastern European A8 countries and speak a variety of languages.  The A8 IDVAs accept referrals at all risk levels but those scoring under 17 must have victim consent to refer.
To refer to the A8 IDVA, please complete the form below and return it to idva.referrals@cambridgeshire.gov.uk 
Young People's IDVA - To make a referral to the Young People's IDVA, please complete the YP IDVA Referral and Risk Indicator Checklist below.  The form can be completed electronically and emailed to the IDVA team (email address on form).  
Child to Parent Abuse IDVA - The CPA IDVA works with parents/carers who are experiencing abuse from a child aged 16 or under where there has been police involvement.  The CPA IDVA accepts referrals from all professionals.  Please complete the CPA IDVA Referral Form below, which includes a risk assessment - please don't risk assess using the standard DASH form.