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Multi Agency and single agency Domestic Abuse training

In addition to the joint offer, a number of other agencies also offer domestic abuse training within their workforce development programmes. The training provided by the joint offer does not replace the single agency training but complements it and provides a multi-agency perspective.

The agencies detailed below are not an exhaustive list but provide a flavour of the training delivered across the county.  


Within the mandatory Health induction training domestic abuse is specifically addressed. It is also covered within the basic and refresher safeguarding training. In addition, within CPFT a two hour “bite size” domestic abuse course is available to practitioners.

Peterborough and Cambridgeshire LSCB’s deliver safeguarding training for GP’s three times a year. Within the safeguarding training there are a number of case based scenarios that the GP’s discuss and one of these scenarios focuses specifically on domestic abuse. 

The Cambridgeshire Safer Communities Partnerships Team can be approached with requests for bespoke training for groups of GP practice staff.


Domestic abuse is included in the generic safeguarding training offered to early years settings. In addition, sessions on domestic abuse are provided as part of the early years training programmes.

Schools and colleges across the county receive their safeguarding training from the Safeguarding Education Service. The generic safeguarding and designated teachers training covers domestic abuse. In addition, a number of schools procure domestic abuse PHSE materials from this service to deliver within their schools.


All Police Officers undertake a mandatory induction training programme which includes information around domestic abuse. Those officers who work with domestic abuse cases receive additional in depth domestic abuse training which is commensurate with their job role.

Social Care

In Cambridgeshire a suite of domestic abuse training at differing levels is available to practitioners in Children’s Social Care (CSC). In Peterborough, domestic abuse is included in the practitioner’s induction training and then practitioners access additional training via the PSCB domestic abuse training. Women’s Aid have also been commissioned by CSC to deliver sessions on domestic abuse as needed but at the time of writing there is not a core programme of domestic abuse training at differing levels in place for CSC practitioners.

Voluntary Sector

Some of the voluntary sector organisations offer domestic abuse training as part of their workforce development programmes (NSPCC, Barnardo’s). In other organisations the practitioners access the LSCB training that is offered.

AVA Toolkit

Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) have created a toolkit for practitioners working with complex cases involving domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health issues. Copies are available across the county or it can be downloaded from the Cambs DASV website here

The Toolkit can also be accessed via Cambs LSCB website http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/lscb/info/6/domestic_abuse_forced_marriage_and_honour_based_violence under Complicated Matters.

AVA also provide elearning for Complicated Matters https://avaproject.org.uk/ava-training/elearning/



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