Joint Training offer - Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

A joint Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Domestic Abuse/Violence Against Women and Girls training offer has been developed detailing training at four levels, based on NICE Guidance.

Level 1:

Level 2:

  • Introduction to Domestic Abuse (CCC Workforce Development)
  • Children Experiencing Domestic Violence (CCC Workforce Development)
  • Children, Young People and Domestic Violence (Cambridgeshire LSCB)
  • Barnardos DVRIM (Cambridgeshire LSCB)
  • Forced Marriage and Safeguarding ( Cambs LSCB )
  • Safeguarding Adults Domestic Abuse (Cambridgeshire Safeguarding Adults Team)
  • Introduction to the effects of domestic abuse (via Peterborough LSCB)
  • Honour based violence (via Peterborough LSCB)

 Level 3:

  • Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment (CCC Workforce Development)
  • Domestic Abuse – Using DASH to risk assess the situation (via Peterborough LSCB)
  • Domestic Abuse Typologies (CCC Workforce Development)
  • Engaging with Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse (CCC Workforce Development)

 Level 4: 

  • Cambridgeshire only: Managing Domestic Abuse in Families (CCC Workforce Development)
  • Peterborough only: Understanding the Freedom Programme (via Peterborough LSCB)


How to book:

Cambridgeshire County Council Workforce development courses can be booked via:

Cambridgeshire LSCB courses can be booked via:


Peterborough LSCB courses can be booked via:

Cambridgeshire Adult Safeguarding courses can be booked via